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Since 1997, we’ve been providing easy access to fresh, healthy, local, sustainably-produced food.

Spud. has evolved from a local and organic online grocery company into an award-winning complete eGrocery management solution.

We've been at the forefront of the industry since 'eGrocery' has been a thing and are now building a team of incredible, passionate people that feel as strongly about sustainability as we do.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our vision is to be the leader in local, sustainable food solutions.

Our mission is to innovate food systems for people, planet, and prosperity.

Our values underpin everything that our team members do. They guide our interactions with one another, our clients and our partners, and help us stay focused on what's really important.

Create amazing customer experiences. We are passionate in our commitment to deliver for our customers.

Lead with sustainability and consider our impact.

Learn, grow and make time to celebrate wins together.

We welcome different perspectives. Diversity makes us stronger.

Prioritize, work smart and deliver results for our stakeholders and each other.

We are committed to our mission and that requires resilience, persistence and grit to persevere and succeed.

How does this impact life for our team members?

Mission, vision and values are great when they have meaning, but are so often empty. For our team members, they translate into purpose-driven direction, intent and accountability. Here's how we 'walk the walk':

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

With all Spud. companies, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are at the core of our culture. Our commitment to this belief system is universal and uncompromising across all of our brands and locations. We know that by including more perspectives in our business, we'll be better positioned to help solve the global challenges of sustainability, food waste and food security.

We are constantly learning and introducing ideas to improve our approach to DEIB, whether through corporate-led programs, or by givinr our business teams the freedom to introduce new local, regional, and global programs.

Internal Development

We take an internal-first approach when a new opportunity arises within any of our teams. That means, top priority for any open position is to exhaust all internal options first before posting a role externally. And unless specific experience is absolutely required on day one, we'll even look for ways to help introduce an internal candidate at a graduated rate to ensure they are successful in their new position.

In support of this program, we have also introduced an internal practicum program, giving our team members the opportunity to explore other parts of the business to hone their development path, orsimply to experience another aspect of the business.

Community Engagement

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